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Visit Us at AKFCF Atlanta

Join us in Atlanta, GA, on February 2nd, at the Atlanta Marriot Marquis for AKFCF National Convention. Alconox Inc. is at Booth #1006

Come visit our booth to receive our fun, unique gifts, expert technical support for critical cleaning applications and detergent samples.

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Addition of Acid Rinse to Wash Cycle

We have a glass wash machine and use Alcojet for it. We would like to know if you need to include a neutralizing agent like Citrajet as part of the wash cycle (acid rinse)? Alcojet® Low Foaming Powdered Detergent is what we would call free-rinsing, meaning it rinses completely away with water without rinse aids.

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Non-foaming vs. Low-foaming Detergent

Q. We just purchased Alcojet® which is a low-foaming detergent. The one we used before was non-foaming detergent. What’s the difference between “low” and “non?” Will Alcojet® cause a foaming problem?

A. Alcojet® is designed for use in automated cleaning applications that require no foam problems. Alcojet® has an anti-foam agent that becomes effective at circa 110 deg F (45 deg C). As long as you clean at …

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Tattoo Equipment Cleaning Recommendations

Great Art Starts With Clean Equipment. Alconox, Inc. cleaning products have been used by healthcare professionals for over 70 years to prepare instruments for sterilization.

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How Much Detergent Solution Is Needed?

How do I know how much detergent to buy? I’m looking to remove grime and environmental particulates from the floor using a mop, scrubber, and/or power washer. We have a 50,000 sq ft warehouse that is concrete and some aluminum diamond plate.

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Lab Glassware

Cleaning Glassware with Acid Rinse

Q. I use a Miele glass wash machine and currently use Alcojet. I am wondering if I need to use a two step wash with an acid rinse to be sure the glass is residue free. What detergents would you recommend for either a one or two step cleaning process?
A. Alcojet detergent is free-rinsing, meaning it rinses completely away with water and without rinse aids. There are no softeners, brighteners, fragrances or other residues that are not involved with the specific action of aqueous cleaning. Having said that, we know of many applications that do still involve an acid rinse/wash.

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Reduce Foaming in Wastewater Neutralization

Q. We have foaming in our wastewater neutralizatiion system. Is low-foaming AlcoJet cleaner a suitable alternative? Is it compatible to Alconox?
A. Alcojet is a low foaming version of Alconox. The two detergents are not chemically identical of course, but functionally each functional ingredient in Alconox has a comparably functioning ingredient in Alcojet.

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Cleaning Automotive Pressure Sensors

Q. We make automotive pressure transducers. These are Stainless Steel automotive pressure sensors with baked on carbon and combustion deposits. Do you have a detergent recommendation?

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Detergent for Household Dishwasher

Q. I am currently looking for a cleaner to use in our new dish washer. Could you recommend a detergent for us to use? This is a normal portable dish washer that is typically used in the home. We would like to make sure that residue is not left behind on our glassware after washing.

A. Thanks for your question about a detergent for use in a portable home dish washer with a deionized water hook up. I recommend that you use Alcojet detergent, and that you add some Citrajet to the rinse aid compartment.

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Food Contact Surface Cleaners

Q. What are two Alconox brand cleaners are low foaming and USDA approved for cleaning food contact surfaces?
A. Alconox, Inc. manufactures cleaners for food contact surfaces with no interfering residues.

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