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Solar Panel Maintenance Cleaning

What detergent would you recommend for solar panel maintenance cleaning? For best efficiency solar panels should be cleaned by spraying on 0.5% Liquinox.

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Cleaning Glass Slides for Silane Coating

Q. I am developing a new cleaning process to replace the process we are using for cleaning glass slides before applying Silane coating. We are using strong acid to clean glass slides. I want to use a process where I first use basic aqueous solution, then use DI water to rinse, followed by acidic solution to chelate away metal ions. Then we’ll do DI water rinse, air dry, and finally use oxygen plasma to final clean the glass slide. What acidic aqueous solution and basic aqueous solution can you suggest?

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Cleaning Animal Cages

Q. I am a research tech in a new lab where we will be housing mice and rats for our studies. Since we are a small lab, I will be hand washing polycarbonate cages, wire lids, and water bottles by hand. I would like to know what type of cleaner that I can use that is safe for myself to clean with and safe for the animals. I currently have alconox in powdered form. If I can use that, I also would like to know how much I would dilute it.
A. We recommend using 0.5% Detojet® solution with polycarbonate. Regular detergents like Alconox® or most other detergents and solvents are low surface tension solutions that can cause stress cracking …

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Cleaning glass photovoltaic substrates

Q. How do I clean glass photovoltaic substrates with and without transparent conductive oxide contact films?

A. Glass sheets used as substrates for solar or photovoltaic panels can be cleaned in large inline glass washers using Detojet detergent. Use a 1% concentration … Click to learn more.

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Detojet Cleaning Duration

Q. What is the cleaning duration in a horizontal glass washer with 1% Detojet at 50 deg C? A. In house lab data that shows

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Detojet, Low-Foaming Liquid Detergent

Q. What industries commonly use Detojet and what residues does Detojet remove?
A. Detojet, Low-Foaming Liquid Detergent is used in a variety of industries such as Healthcare, Laboratory, Precision Manufacturing and Metalworking and Food & Dairy. Detojet is an alkaline non-ionic cleaner that would remove soil, tares, resins, grease, blood, tissue, oils, particulates, chemicals, and solvents.
For more information on Detojet, please see the technical bulletin or the Detojet msds.

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Avoid Mixing with Bleach

What is Sodium Dichloroisocyanurate?

Q. what is sodium dichloroisocyanurate?
A. A stable form of chlorine. Products that contain it do not need to add bleach. Alcojet and Detojet already contain dichloroisocyanurate. For more information about any one of our Alconox Cleaners, consult the specific technical bulletin for each product HERE. Or click here to access each of our detergent’s Material Data Safety Sheets including the Alcojet and Detojet msds. You can also request a free sample by completing the questionnaire at Get Sample.

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Triclosan and Triclocarban contamination

Q. We are experiencing contamination issues with both triclosan and triclocarban with our LC/MS/MS instrument. We need to determine if either of these compounds are a component of Liquinox or Detojet

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Cleaning Aluminum without Corrosion

Q. How is galvanic corrosion prevented when cleaning aluminum?

A. Aluminum is an active metal that is somewhat high on the “anodic index” of the galvanic series. If aluminum is cleaned with other metals present, you can create a battery and get galvanic corrosion. Aluminum should not be cleaned in the presence of metals that are significantly higher or lower on the anodic series; higher on the anodic scale such as zinc, magnesium or beryllium metals and lower on the anodic scale such as tin, brass, bronze, copper, silver, nickel and rhodium.

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Cleaning Aluminum with Alconox

Q. Which Alconox cleaners can be used on Aluminum?

A. The Alconox brand cleaners recommended for cleaning aluminum are Alconox, Liquinox, Tergazyme, Alcojet, Alcotabs, Detojet, Citranox, Luminox, Citrajet, Solujet and Tergajet. Detergent 8 is not recommended for cleaning aluminum. Aluminum forms a natural passive layer in air that allows it to be successfully cleaned without adverse reactions with cleaner. A passive layer forms in under an hour, provided there is no oily film present. Once the passive layer is formed, the recommended Alconox brand cleaners can be used to clean the aluminum at concentrations of less than 5% at 90 deg C or less for up to one hour.

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