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Detergent for Household Dishwasher

Q. I am currently looking for a cleaner to use in our new dish washer. Could you recommend a detergent for us to use?  This is a normal portable dish washer that is typically used in the home.  We would like to make sure that residue is not left behind on our glassware after washing.  We do have a deionized water access port.

A. Thanks for your question about a detergent for use in a portable home dish washer with a deionized water hook up. I recommend that you use Alcojet® Low Foaming Powdered Detergent, and that you add some Citrajet® Low-Foam Liquid Acid Cleaner/Rinse to the rinse aid compartment.  Use Alcojet powder to fill the dispenser cup when cleaning.  Of course a portable household washer has some limitations regarding the ability to do an acid rinse cycle that would be a typical feature of popular brand commercial lab washers, but by adding Citrajet liquid concentrate to the rinse aid dispenser, you will get some acid rinsing. 

Acid rinsing is very desirable to be sure that any free base forms of APIs are effectively removed. Acid rinsing also controls any scale buildup.  And it is a benefit that your washer has deionized water used in it.  Alcojet powder concentrate will work perfectly well as the alkaline detergent. Putting some Citrajet cleaner in the rinse aid dispenser will get you a little bit of acid rinsing. Taking some care in how you orient glassware to make sure it does not trap wash water and using a deionized water rinse will give you a the best chance at getting completely residue free glassware.

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