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Removing Latex from Optical Cuvette

Q: How do I remove latex particles from an optical cuvette.

A: We recommend you use a warm 1% Alconox detergent followed by a warm water rinse to clean the optical cuvettes. Alconox contains phosphate dispersants and wetting agents that are excellent at removing particulate residues. If you are doing this in an ultrasonic tank, be sure to dip the cuvette in sideways to fill the cuvette with solution and then clean with the cuvette face down so that gravity can assist in removing particles as the wetting agents, dispersants and ultrasonic energy release the particles. Repeated emptying of the cuvettes with warm or hot wash solution can also improve cuvette removal.

For information on Alconox Cleaner, see this Alconox Technical Bulletin.  Or click here to access each of our detergent’s Material Data Safety Sheets. You can also request a free sample by completing the questionnaire at Get Sample.



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