Detergent Bottle Reuse and Recycle?

Q. We truly enjoy the effectiveness of Alcotabs. They have been excellent.  As we are a green focused company, we take pride in our stance for reuse/recycle of whatever we can.  Can we send back empty Alcotabs jars for reuse?

A. Alcotabs® Tablet Pipet Detergent is indeed a great product and ideal for siphon pipette washers and similar applications where an effervescing detergent is required.

We very much echo your sentiment for reusing wherever possible.  After all, we live and breathe effective, critical cleaning.   Unfortunately, we cannot offer a bottle reuse service because we are required to have lot numbers printed on these bottles for traceability purposes.

However, the bottle is easily recyclable! Simply note the recycle number indicator of 2 on the bottom of your Alcotabs container. It is made from High Density Polyethylene and HDPE is easily recyclable. (Note our other plastic containers for liquid concentrate detergents also apply.)

Due to its free-rinsing, residue-free nature, you can certainly consider reusing the Alcotabs jar for unrelated, not regulated storage purposes.

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