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Assistance Developing Photovoltaic Cleaning Process

Q: We are looking to hire someone to design and implement a turnkey cleaning process for our photovoltaic manufacturing application. Do you provide this service?

A: Yes. At Alconox Inc. we do this type of work often. With increased governmental commitments to support renewable energy initiatives, winners and losers in solar module fabrication will be determined more quickly and by a variety of factors. One factor will be the elimination of defects to increase yields in the manufacturing process. Critical cleaning of substrates and superstrates is an essential component in achieving an optimal solar module fabrication process which reduces the cost per watt.

We are familiar with the challenges and variables inherent to the photovoltaic manufacturing process. Variables we will take into consideration during your initial test phase include your desired cleaning method and your substrates, superstrates and residues. We will be prepared to recommend appropriate cleaners, supply samples for testing, and recommend initial time, temperature, concentration, rinsing and drying conditions for your specific system.

Whatever your process, there is an ideal combination of method, material, and detergent that will optimize the performance of your fabrication method and the quality of your technology. An experienced partner can help you find it—efficiently and cost-effectively.  We are that partner.

Want more critical cleaning information for PV Manufacturing? Download our full Whitepaper: The Significance of Critical Cleaning for Solar Module Fabrication, HERE at

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