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Alconox Brands for Clean-In-Place (CIP) Systems

Alconox Brands for Clean-In-Place (CIP) Systems

Q. What Alconox brand cleaners are recommended for Clean-In-Place (CIP) systems? What information does Alconox offer to assist in validating CIP cleaners?

A. It is desirable to use a low-foaming cleaner that rinses freely in a CIP system.   Selecting the appropriate CIP cleaner will be determined by the type of soil being removed as well as the hard surface being cleaned.   Alconox, Inc manufacturers several low-foaming liquid cleaners that work well in CIP, including Solujet, an alkaline cleaner, and Citrajet, an acidic cleaner.  An alkaline cleaner best removes oils, fats, grease and an acidic cleaner works best to remove insoluble hydroxides and metal oxides.  Both Solujet and Citrajet are suitable to use on stainless steel manufacturing surfaces.

Technical Bulletins and MSDS for each are downloadable from

Alconox provides assistance to validate cleaners for CIP systems. Please visit us to find  information on residue detection methods for Solujet and Citrajet.