Disposal of Citranox

Disposal of Citranox

Q. What is the proper way for disposal of Citranox?

A. By US federal standards, Citranox can be disposed of into drain as is. It is non-hazardous waste by federal RCRA standards.

Local waste treatment standards could be more stringent and might require neutralization prior to discharge. The Citranox will have a pH of between 2.1 and 2.5 as is and it is possible this would be too acidic to discharge without neutralization according to local standards.

A single gallon is unlikely to be that much of a concern, but if local standards are known to be extra cautious then neutralize the Citranox using any weak base such as baking soda (sodium bicarbonate) or washing soda (sodium carbonate). It takes 14 lbs. of baking soda or 2.3 lbs of washing soda to neutralize 1 gallon of Citranox to near pH 7.

Be sure to neutralize in an open tub with room for some foaming. During the addition of the soda, bubbles will form, much as when you add baking soda to vinegar. Add the soda slowly with sprinkling to control the rate of bubbling. Wait for some of the bubbles to subside before adding more.

To view a technical bulletin for Citranox, please click here. To test a sample of Citranox, please complete the form at Get Sample.