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Reactor Cavity Decontamination


Q. What cleaner does Alconox recommend for the decontamination of nuclear reactor cavities and related equipment?

A. Alconox recommends Detergent 8, a non-ionic, phosphate-free homogeneous blend of an alkanolamine, glycol ethers and an alkoxylated fatty alcohol for decontaminating nuclear reactors and related equipment including pipes, tools, and protective equipment.

It contains no chelating agents or halides, or conductive metal cations. It is imperative to avoid detergents containing chelating agents as they can bond chemically to radioisotopes. Also it is important to avoid detergents containing fluorides, chlorides, or sulfur ingredients which might cause surface corrosion or intergranular stress corrosion or stainless components.

If the key concern is avoiding waste interference, then Detergent 8 is the brand to use. Detergent 8 can be used manually, soak or spray. For more information please download the Detergent 8 Technical Bulletin.