How to: Prepare 10ppm concentration of Liquinox

Q. How do we prepare 10 ppm concentration of Liquinox?

Shall the solvent(water) in the Liquinox be calculated together?

A. In answer to your question, how to prepare a 10 ppm Liquinox solution, you need to make a 0.01 g/L solution of Liquinox.  This solution can be made many ways.

One way is to take 0.5g of Liquinox dissolved in a 500 mL volumetric flask and then take 1 mL of that solution diluted to 100 mL in a 100 mL volumetric flask.  This would result in 100 mL of 10 ppm Liquinox.  Note that you may not need to prepare a 10 ppm Liquinox solution.

Likely the local FDA wants you to document that there is less than 10 ppm Liquinox being carried over into the next batch of detergent being manufactured in the equipment that has just been cleaned.  In order to evaluate this, you need to set an acceptance criteria based on the 10 ppm carryover limit as shown in the calculator above.

Depending on the size of your equipment and your sampling methods, it is likely that you will be measuring a concentration that is much higher than 10 ppm.