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Wet Hi Pot Test for Photovoltaic Cleaning

Q. We manufacture solar modules for building components. During the manufacturing process we are required to perform a “Wet Hi Pot Test.” The modules are immersed in a solution and tested. The manufacturer of the test equipment said that some of his customers are using the Liquinox® detergent in a 300 to 1 ratio for the solution. Would this give us the required: 0.03 N/m surface tension 35 ohms/m resistance? Any help would be greatly appreciated.

A. The Sandia National Lab Evaluation Tests for Photovoltaics calls for the use of a 0.3% Liquinox® in deionized water for use in a High Voltage Standoff (Hipot) test. The 0.3% solution of Liquinox® is specified to have a 35 ohm/m +/- 1 ohm/m resistance and a 30-35 dyne/cm surface tension. To make a 0.3% Liquinox® solution you add 3 mL of Liquinox to 997 mL of water, or technically a 332 to 1 ration of Liquinox® to water. A 300 to 1 ration would probably work, but it is more correct to use a 332 to 1 ratio.

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