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A Replacement for RoboScrub

Liquinox quart

RoboScrub™ cleaner is a private label product manufactured by Alconox Inc. for Tecan US.  This product is discontinued by Tecan US (p/n: 30055105).  Liquinox® Critical Cleaning Liquid Detergent was bottled and labeled as RoboScrub for Tecan US.  As such, the identical replacement for RoboScrub cleaner is Liquinox detergent.  The same Roboscrub 1 quart container of Liquinox detergent is available as manufacturer part number 1232-1 for the single quart or part number 1232 for a case of 12X1 gallon quarts from leading scientific, industrial and internet dealers all over the world.  Our list of dealers.

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®Roboscrub is a trademark of Tecan


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