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Detergent to Break Down Biofilm


Q. High concentrations of bleach and H2O2 are breaking down PVC pipe and plastic containers causing contamination of a nutrient solution.  I need a cleaner that breaks down biofilm and a cleaner that cleans nutrient salts. I can sterilize with H2O2 using a much lower concentration at the end of process.

A. To remove pathogens and nutrient salts from your hydroponic system, soak and circulate a warm (but not hot – below 130F or below 55 C) 1-3% Tergazyme solution (1.25 –  3.75 oz/gal or 10-30 g/L) to break down biofilms and remove pathogens, nutrient salts and residues.  Rinse thoroughly with water after cleaning.  The surfaces are now clean and ready for disinfection.

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