Filter Cleaning Wine Residue

Q. What kind of cleaning can I expect from Tergazyme when cleaning filters with wine residues?

A. We would expect Tergazyme™ Enzyme-Active Powdered Detergent to work very well on biofilms or microbial contamination from re-usable filters (or filters that can be regenerated) that had been repeatedly used to filter wine. It will do quite well on assorted organic residues from various components of wine. The one cleaning mechanism that Tergazyme does not have is oxidation or bleaching. This means it would not be unusual if some trace color was left of some difficult to hyrdrolyze condensed tannins or other coloring agents from the wine. Certainly Tergazyme detergent would do something on these residues, but it would not be as dramatic as using bleach or peroxide to oxidize or even possibly metabisulfite to reduce these residues. Of course if there is a biofilm, neither bleach, peroxide, or metabisulfite will be as effective as Tergazyme enzymatic cleaner.

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