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Steps to Successful Critical Cleaning: BATHOCARD

Steps to Successful Critical Cleaning: BATHOCARD

Q. Did you know there are nine different factors that determine successful cleaning?

A. BATHOCARD” a phrase coined by Alconox technical team to assist you in remembering:

1. Before – handling prior to cleaning
2. Agitation – type of movement used to enhance cleaning
3. Time – duration of cleaning cycle
4. Heat – temperature of cleaning solution
5. Orientation
5. Cleaner – chemistry of cleaning solution
6. After – post cleaning handling
7. Rinse
8. Drying

It is important to understand and control these interrelated cleaning variables in all critical cleaning, but particularly in highly sensitive industrial applications such as medical device manufacturing, metal surface preparation, optics assembly and electronic component manufacturing. Use the variables in BATHOCARD to evaluate, diagnose and optimize your cleaning process.

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