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Cleaning Magnets

Q. We machine magnets. We currently do not have a cleaner and are looking for one to clean our magnet material without leaving a residue or damaging the magnet itself.

A. Magnets are often made of iron materials that are prone to rusting or corrosion.  When cleaning magnets, use an ambient temperature 1% Alconox® Powdered Precision Cleaner solution (10 g/L or 1.25 oz/gal).  Clean by soak, manual scrub or ultrasonic methods.  Rinse thoroughly and rapidly with ambient (same as wash) temperature water to avoid breaking any emulsions and redeopsiting what you have removed.

It is very critical to dry immediately by a water removing method such as wiping, blowing, dipping in isopropyl alcohol, centrifuging, or any method that does not allow rinse water to sit or evaporate on the magnet – do not use heated oven drying.

During cleaning, the chelating agents in Alconox powder protect the magnet from rust and corrosion, but once the detergent is rinsed away it is important to minimize the contact time with rinse water in order to avoid corrosion.

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