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The Question of ‘Cosmeceuticals’

Click HERE to watch Steve Kuehn, Executive Content Director at Nice Insight, sit down with Alconox, Inc. Director of Technical Marketing and Commercial Development, Michael Moussourakis, to discuss pharmaceutical cleaning and the growing question of Cosmeceuticals.

The question being: What if a cosmetic product treats or prevents an illness or disease? For many in the cosmetic industry, this answer can be a gray area. For example, lip balm helps prevents sunburn on lips and such a sunburn could result in squamous cells developing on a person’s lips. Is lip balm a drug helping to prevent melanoma? Many would call these and other similar products “cosmeceuticals,” but this term is not recognized by the FDA.

Cosmetic manufacturers dealing with similar quandaries are turning to Alconox, Inc. to be ready for any changes to their industry that might require cleaning and process validation to meet US FDA regulatory requirements. 

Alconox, Inc., not only offers validation support, but has a line of critical cleaners that can tackle tough residues like silicone (siloxane), titanium dioxide, and zinc oxide. Cosmetic residues are tough — if it stays on you, it stays on processing equipment. But fast-acting, fragrance-free cosmetic cleaners from Alconox, remove dyes, petrolatum, and fragrances even in demanding validated cosmetic cleaning applications. Alconox, Inc. cosmetic cleaners are backed by cleaning validation support to meet US FDA regulatory requirements.

Consequently the question becomes not whether cosmecutical ultimately becomes a recognized term, but to whom you turn to ensure it is cleaned from your glassware, lab and manufacturing equipment….

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