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Lab/glassware-washer Connectors

Q. It is not unusual for lab/glassware-washer manufacturers to make custom connectors specific to their brand of detergent (with unique bottle dimensions) to the machine. Does Alconox provide these connectors?

A. Unfortunately we are usually unable to supply a bottle that fits the connections because the bottles are made from custom molds that are not commercially available. The way some customers use our cleaners in these washers is to pour our detergents out of their original bottles into some of the custom bottles that fit the special washer fittings. This is of course somewhat time consuming, and potentially hazardous.   An evaluation to confirm adequate cost savings and performance improvements to justify this procedure are often undertaken.

In some cases, washers can be fitted with peristaltic pumps and controllers that dose in the detergent correctly from a tube that is dipped into one of our bottles and bypass the custom fitted bottles. This would typically require an outside contractor with experience in how to retro-fit the washers, or in-house engineering capability by the customer. We do not have this expertise. We can supply conductivity curves to a contractor or engineer to allow them to program a conductivity controller that regulates the dosing pump.

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