What is Alnochromix?


Q: I understand that Nochromix is no longer available and I am to contact Alconox Inc. for a replacement?

A: That is correct. Godax Laboratories has discontinued NOCHROMIX® cleaner. You may reach them at Godaxsales@gmail.com. Note all NOCHROMIX® packages have a 2 year from the date of manufacture shelf life.  The date of manufacture can be found printed on each packet.

Alconox Inc. bought the formula to NOCHROMIX® cleaner and is manufacturing the identical product under the name ALNOCHROMIX™ oxidizing additive to sulfuric acid for glassware cleaning.

ALNOCHROMIX cleaner is a concentrated inorganic persulfate based additive to sulfuric acid to make a metal-free and surfactant-free glassware cleaner that is excellent for cleaning glassware used in tissue culture, trace metal, and enzyme kinetics research; as well as other sensitive glass cleaning applications.  It is a nonmetallic, non-carcinogenic, and an easier to dispose replacement for chromic acid.  Pour 1-2 pouches of ALNOCHROMIX crystals into 98% concentrated sulfuric acid container (2.5L or 1 gal capacity).

The catalog numbers are:

  • 2510 – 1 box 10 X 3.1 oz (87 g) pouches
  • 2540 – 4 boxes of 10 X 3.1 oz (87 g) pouches
  • 2512 – 12 boxes of 10 X 3.1 oz (87 g) pouches

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