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Water Spots on Stainless? Improve Blowing Process

Q. White spots appear on our stainless steel parts the day after cleaning with Alconox. Right after we clean them, they are dry and visually clean. So, is this next-day residue from the Alconox detergent? If not, can you tell us why this is happening? A. It is fairly unlikely that visually clean parts have Alconox residues suddenly appearing the next day.  In addition to Alconox being free rinsing, any residue that did not get rinsed for whatever reason, would be visible fairly immediately.

Most people in similar situations, even though the parts appear “dry and visually clean,” find that the spots are from water.

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Removing PFOS and PFOA from Lab Glassware

Q. We need to remove perfluorooctanoic acid (PFOA) and perfluorooctyl sulfonate (PFOS) from laboratory glassware and stainless steel. Since they are inorganic residues, we’re using acidic cleaners, but are not finding them as effective as we expected. Any recommendations?
A. PFOS and PFOA are polar, anionic surfactants. They will best be cleaned by a high-emulsifying, anionic-surfactant-containing cleaner that can make mixed micelles to efficiently remove these residues from surfaces….

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Prolonging Alconox Bath Life

Q. Is it possible to prolong the bath life of Alconox?

A. Yes. Start out with a stronger Alconox concentration. If using a 1% solution, use a 2% or possibly even 3% solution. After 1.5 weeks, add another 1.5% Alconox to the bath, especially if there has been make-up water added because of drag-out and evaporation. This regimen should allow successful cleaning for up to 3 weeks. It is not recommended trying to run an Alconox bath beyond 3 weeks, as these baths are prone to starting to grow microbes. Keep the bath covered when not in use and change out the bath every 3 weeks.

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Is Alconox detergent the same as Liquinox detergent?

Q. Is the Alconox powder equivalent to the Liquinox liquid? If these are the same could you please provide me with some sort of documentation saying that Alconox is the powdered form of Liquinox and that they are interchangeable?

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Does Alconox or Liquinox contain 1,4-Dioxane?

Does Alconox or Liquinox contain 1,4-Dioxane?

Nonionic Liquinox likely contains extremely trace levels 1,4-Dioxane, but anionic Alconox is very unlikely to contain 1-4 dioxane. Sometimes people inadvertently refer to Liquinox as Alconox because it is made by Alconox, inc.

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