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Advanced Cleaning Mechanisms: Detergency and Concentration

Intuition, logic, and maybe even some experiences, can lead us to believe more detergent is better.  These everyday experiences where it might apply include your washing machine, dishwasher, or even your hands in the bathroom sink.  But, what is actually meant by better?  This is where concentration and detergency come into play, terms you may see in our literature and documentation, as well as our responses and solutions to cleaning challenges.

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Liquinox quart

Maximum Liquinox Percentage

Q: We are having a difficult time cleaning our parts in an ultrasonic tank. What is the maximum percentage that you can have of Liquinox detergent? What hazards are there?

A: The concentration percentage of Liquinox™ Critical Cleaning Liquid Detergent can go up to a 100% in theory. There is no hazard, per say, however, the rinsing can become more difficult as you increase the concentration.

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