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Influences on Pharmaceutical Cleaning Validation

Alconox, Inc.’s Director of Technical Marketing and Commercial Development, Michael Moussourakis, sat down at the Oral Solid Dosage Symposium 2017 with Pharma’s Almanac TV’s, Mark Allen, to discuss how globalization is influencing the latest trends on cleaning validation. Click here to watch the video and hear how the growing market for Contract Development and Manufacturing Organization (CDMO) Cleaning Validation training, and the opportunities in cleaning non-critical single use technology.

Twenty years ago, there were a few dozen or so large pharmaceutical companies making most of the world’s pharmaceuticals, and they were already “in the know” about cleaning validation.  However, nowadays, there are hundreds of CDMOs — in charge of both development and manufacturing.  Many are new, and many don’t yet have robust cleaning validation experience and history.

Alconox, Inc. can help train and educate CDMOs on regulations, detergent choice, cleaning methods and the validation required in the lab, manufacturing, and processing environment. We do this through consultative support, but also by being a resource — ensuring both our end users and distributors have access to proper materials, guidelines, references, whitepapers and books that are easily available.

Single use technology end users also have a particularly unique opportunity with engaging Alconox, Inc. For non critical single-use applications, as can be found in filtration, healthcare, pharma, biotech and even some medical device applications, there may often be a way to clean and validate the disposable instrument/filter/device for a repeated use. That means a manufacturer can immediately generate significant cost savings (halving material costs) by using a single use device one more time, once properly validated.

To hear the full interview, click over to Pharma TV.

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