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Removing Buildup in a Lab Washer

Q. I need to remove a white/grey buildup of Alconox detergent residue from inside a stainless steel dishwasher.   Do you have a recommendation?

A. We certainly can help and have a couple of recommendations.   If indeed you mean “Alconox detergent” as in Alconox® Powdered Precision Cleaner, I would stop using it in your washer. (There can sometimes be confusion as our company is called Alconox, Inc. and one of our key and most well known detergents is the Alconox powdered precision cleaner.)

In this application, we would recommend our Alcojet® Low Foaming Powdered Detergent or some other product of ours ending in the letters JET — Solujet®, Tergajet® or Detojet® detergents– because of their low-foaming qualities and other washer specific formulations.  Alconox powder is a high foaming detergent that will not work as well in a washer. It may cause a foam out situation in the washer.  Switch to the Alcojet powder and you will see improved washer performance.

To remove buildup in a washer, typically calcium, magnesium and iron scale, you need to clean the washer out with an acid rinse.  Use a 2% rinse cycle dilution of Citrajet® Low-Foam Liquid Acid Cleaner/Rinse. If you have a labware washer, there should be an acid rinse cycle with liquid acid dosing capability.  Use the Citrajet concentrate in the acid rinse system.

If you have a washer that does not have an acid rinse system, then you can run empty cycles with Citrajet detergent as a maintenance cycle. Depending on water quality and cycles of service, you may need to do this quarterly, monthly, or perhaps even weekly to help ensure your washer is buildup free.  Ideally use with 1/4 cup of Citrajet liquid in the bottom of the washer in a quick wash cycle that skips the pre-wash.  If there is no cycle that skips the prewash, then run the washer empty, wait for the pre-wash to fill, run and empty (typically 5-10 min) then open the door and pour in the Citrajet detergent during the long hot wash cycle as a maintenance acid clean-out.

Be sure to use the full dose of detergent  so that there is a full dose of chelating agent present to help control hardness scale.  If there is a little cup to fill up, fill it up all the way.

Alcojet and Citrajet detergents are used worldwide in lab and glassware washers for a “one-two punch” in removing organic and inorganic residues, respectively, completely and easily.  We are happy to discuss your individual situation as needed.  You may also refer to our Labware Washer Guide.

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