Reduce Foaming in Wastewater Neutralization

17 February 2015

Q. We have foaming in our wastewater neutralizatiion system. Is low-foaming AlcoJet cleaner a suitable alternative? Is it compatible to Alconox? A. Alcojet is a low foaming version of Alconox. The two detergents are not chemically identical of course, but functionally each functional ingredient in Alconox has a comparably functioning ingredient in Alcojet.

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Replacing Sodium Hypochlorite Soak

16 February 2015

Q. We need to replace sodium hypochlorite soak solution that we use during the inital cleaning of glassware that was used for any biological fluids. A. Use a freshly made 1% Tergazyme (1.25 oz/gal or 10 mL/L) in warm water (not exceeding 130 deg F) followed by a thorough warm water rinse to remove biological fluids ... Read More.

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Re-cleaning Medical Device Vendor Parts

13 February 2015

Q. Current procedure calls for UC bath at 69C for 20 mins with Liquinox and DI water. Then calls for a UC DI bath at 69C with NO detergent for 20 mins. Then a 1 min DI water flushing. Is this overkill? Is Liquinox appropriate? When I clean the parts, they have already been cleaned by vendor in the exact same manner, essentially I re-clean them. A. We do not consider it unusual to re-clean a medical device part that has been cleaned by a vendor. It is very important to be sure the parts are cleaned and is a good risk mitigation practice to do your own additional cleaning. ... Read More.

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Cleaning Anti-reflection Coated Lenses

12 February 2015

Q. We need to clean anti-reflection coated lenses and protective silver coated mirrors. Any recommendations? A.

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Commercial Deep Fryer

Fryer Cleaning Safety

11 February 2015

The secret to extending the life of your oil is a “down to the metal clean” each time you do an oil change. Both Alconox and Alcojet have been specially formulated to safely remove build-up caused by cooking oil in order to return your fryer to ‘like new’ condition. Both our fryer cleaning products, Alconox and Alcojet, are non-caustic, drain safe and biodegradable detergents. They are ideal to use as part of a solid sustainability program.

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Laboratory Cleaning – Residue on Beakers

10 February 2015

Q. We have a yellowish color on some of our beakers (even after washing at 150 deg F). It looks like it is scale build up. Are we using the right detergent, we have tried alconox powder & Liquinox. Do you think we need a detergent that is more acidic? This is our first time using an ultrasonic machine. We are trying to find the best produce for our application. Do we need to wash longer or at a higher concentration. A. It is possible there is some kind of inorganic yellowish scale that is not being removed by the Alconox or Liquinox detergents. We recommend... Read the Full Story.

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Manufacturing Cleaning – Vacuum Tubes

09 February 2015

Q. We have an other department that makes a vacuum tube that is nearly identical to ours and they have a much better yield. They use Liquinox for their cleaning agent. I would like to talk to one of your engineers regarding their view of our present cleaning method (Sodium Hydroxide, Muriatic Acid, DI water, Methanol) vs. Liquinox. I have no historical information as to why we use the mentioned chemicals. The items that are cleaned are: tungsten plates, kovar pins and glass. Click to Read the Answer.

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BioMeDevice San Jose Show

Alconox at MD&M West

06 February 2015

Join us in Anaheim,CA on February 10-12 for MD&M West at the Anaheim Convention Center. Alconox Inc. is at Booth 1077. Alconox critical cleaning detergents come with unparalleled technical support. Our detergents are excellent on pharmaceutical processing equipment, medical devices, laboratory glassware, healthcare instruments, food and beverage equipment, electronics components, and precision manufacturing. We’re used to […]

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Cleaning in Photovoltaic Manufacturing

06 February 2015

Q. We are building a new manufacturing line and need to scale up. Want to talk with experts on glass cleaning in PV. You have very large product line and seem to have PV. Please have the correct person contact me so that we a)use the correct detergent and b) use it correctly. A. The correct detergent for cleaning glass in a large scale glass cleaner is Detojet. Click for the complete answer.

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Cleaning Glassware for Silver Staining

05 February 2015

Q: I am looking for an alternative for cleaning glassware. I am going to perform a staining procedure using ammoniacal silver (diamine silver) and another one using silver nitrate. The protocols are very specific about using “chemically clean glassware”, but they don’t specify the cleaning procedure. In my previous job in a different institution I […]

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