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Unclogging Abrasive Media in Waterjet machining

01 February 2015

Q. I am wondering if ultrasonic cleaning would work to unclog waterjet mixing tubes. The mixing tubes are 1/4" dia. carbide x 4" long with a .040" dia. hole. Occasionally the abrasive media gets clogged in the tube. A. Yes, use a high dispersing detergent such as Alconox. Be sure to mount the tubes ... Read More.

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IEC 62108 Wet Insulation Test

30 January 2015

Q. I am looking to find a solution to dip my solar module into that has a 3500 ohm-cm resistivity and will not harm the optics on my solar device. This is part of the IEC 62108 wet insulation test.

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Contamination on Buna-n rubber diaphragms

29 January 2015

Q. We are experiencing severe contamination issues on our Buna-n rubber diaphragms as delivered from the manufacturer. A. To decontaminate buna n rubber diaphragms, soak or clean using a warm 1% Liquinox solution followed by a thorough rinse.

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Cleaning E-cigarette Manufacturing Equipment

29 January 2015

We are manufacturing e-cigarettes and need to find a good cleaner for our equipment. We are removing residues of essential oils, glycerin and flavor enhancers with an automated clean-in-place. Our tank is 500 gallons. We are unsure how much cleaner we need. Can you at Alconox Inc. help? We would recommend hot Solujet detergent. Learn more...

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Cleaning Colloidal Silver Production Tanks

28 January 2015

Q. Currently I am not using a cleaner, just mechanical cleaning with water. I am cleaning batch tanks used to produce colloidal silver. The only two ingredients in the tank are pure silver electrodes and distilled water. The cleaner needs to be FDA-approved for internal use after the cleaning cycle.

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Cleaning Brass Gun Cartridges

27 January 2015

Q. I am concerned about the acidic reaction the vinegar may have with brass gun cartridges. Do you have a product that will clean brass ultrasonically and not have the issues of using vinegar and if so could you send some samples?

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Cleaning Automotive Pressure Sensors

26 January 2015

Q. We make automotive pressure transducers. These are Stainless Steel automotive pressure sensors with baked on carbon and combustion deposits. Do you have a detergent recommendation?

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Aluminum Plate Cleaning

Cleaning Aluminum: Parts Change Color

26 January 2015

Q. What temperature should we be running for aluminum parts so they don't change color? A. Aluminum changing color during cleaning is often due to galvanic reactions with other metals that may be present in the solution. Learn More.

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Citrajet, acid rinse aid

Citrajet as an Alternative to Deconex 26 PLUS

24 January 2015

Q. Our current cleaner is no longer available. We need a suitable replacement for Deconex 26 PLUS. This was specified by Inst. Mfgr. with no alternatives.

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Pharmaceutical Cleaning: Packaging Production Equipment

21 January 2015

Q. I am planning to use Luminox Low foaming, neutral pH detergent, to clean pharmaceutical packaging production equipment (automated filling machines, liquid blenders, etc.) , but I am not sure that it is certified for pharmaceutical industry and can be used industry leaders.

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