Cleaning Aged Aluminum

28 July 2014

Q. How to clean weathered oxidized or aged aluminum with a dark grey buildup of oxides especial architectural aluminum or decorations on buildings. A. We do not have a product suitable for this but we do have recommendations. Citranox and Citrajet are well suited to cleaning freshly manufactured aluminum items, but not aged and weathered aluminum items.

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Medical Cleaning: Liquinox vs. Dawn

25 July 2014

Q. Does Liquinox have the same oil removing power of Dawn detergent? Will Liquinox remove glycol ether residue? A. Yes, both Liquinox and Dawn contain a blend of nonionic and anionic surfactants. Certain oils are best cleaned by detergents that have mixed micelles of anionic and nonionic surfactants.

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Antimicrobial Properties of Citranox?

23 July 2014

Q. Does Citranox have any antimicrobial properties associated with its use as a cleaner, and if so does Alconox have any technical literature on this topic? A. Citranox is not designed to be antimicrobial. Click for the Citranox MSDS.

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Substitute for Extran® AP15 detergent ?

22 July 2014

Q: Is there a substitute for discontinued liquid cleaner Extran® AP15 for use in automatic washers? A: Yes we do! Solujet® Low-Foaming Phosphate-Free Liquid detergent is an ideal substitute. Solujet detergent is a highly alkaline detergent containing potassium hydroxide, silicate of soda, and high wetting surfactants. These high wetting surfactants enhance emulsifying, wetting, and dispersing. The surfactants also allow ...

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Fiber Optic Cable Cleaning

22 July 2014

Q. Which Alconox brand cleaner would be best suited to clean fiber optic surfaces at the glass joint to assure efficient light transmission? A. A 1% Alconox heated 130 deg F ultrasonic bath followed by a deionized water rinse gives a suitable surface for bonding optical fibers.

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Alcojet for Cleaning Soft Metal

21 July 2014

Q. Equipment says use soft metal safe detergent. Can you recommend a product? A. I recommend you use soft-metal-safe Alcojet in your Labconco washer. Download the Alcojet MSDS for more information.

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Automated Labware Washer Detergent

20 July 2014

Q. Liquinox foams too much to use in the labware washer. We test for phosphate, so we need a phosphate free detergent. We need a cleaner that will clean off any testing residual on glass and plastic without leaving any interference. A. Detergent choice for cleaning labware in an automated laboratory washer depends upon whether you use powered or liquid detergent. Click for details. For powdered detergent, use Tergajet phosphate-free low foaming powdered detergent, catalog number 2204 for the 4 lb box size. For a liquid detergent, use Solujet phosphate free low foaming liquid detergent, catalog number 2101 for the 1 gallon size.

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Reprocessing Single Use Medical Devices

19 July 2014

Single use medical devices cannot be re-used without FDA compliant reprocessing procedures. Essentially reprocessing a single use device constitutes manufacturing it which requires compliance with FDA medical device manufacturing regulations. Appropriate cleaners must be chosen and cleaning validations done. Alconox, Inc. cleaners can be used for medical device reprocessing cleaning. Alconox provides technical bulletins, books, and support for the use and validation of their cleaners, such as this Medical Device Whitepaper and Guidebook and our Medical Device Cleaning Validation References PDF.

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Cleaning Stressed Polycarbonate

18 July 2014

Q. How should I clean stressed polycarbonate in our medical device cleaning application? A. If feasible, reduce attack on stressed polycarbonate by using unstressed polycarbonate instead of stressed polycarbonate. Stressed polycarbonate can get stress cracking, crazing or fogging in the presense of any low surface tension solution with time and heat. However, if this is not feasible . . .

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Filter Cleaning: Cold Filtered Beer

17 July 2014

Q. How do I clean the filters when processing cold filtered beer? A. Cleaning these filters with ambient temperature 1% Tergazyme for a one hour clean-in-place circulate-stop and soak-circulate process, followed by thorough potable water rinsing will remove the foulants and restore flow rates for these filters.

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