Downloading Alconox Tech Bulletins

19 December 2014

Q. How do I download Tech Bulletins via the internet? A. Alconox provides a technical bulletin for each product. Tech bulletins are filled with information on the types of soil removed, cleaning methods, surfaces cleaned, convenient sizes, physical data, chemical description, cleaning validation methods and health and safety information.

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Detojet Cleaning Duration

18 December 2014

Q. What is the cleaning duration in a horizontal glass washer with 1% Detojet at 50 deg C? A. In house lab data that shows

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Detergents for Stainless Steel Dishwashers

17 December 2014

Q. What kind of cleaner options can you provide which can be safely be used in stainless steel dishwashers? A. All of our low foaming cleaners are safe for use on stainless steel dishwashers. In general for small under counter washers that are designed to dispense from a little cup, I would recommend using Alcojet detergent. For larger washers and all washers with liquid detergent dispensing pumps and tubes I would recommend using Solujet detergent. If either washer is equipped with an acid rinse system, then use Citrajet as the acid rinse.

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Detojet, Low-Foaming Liquid Detergent

16 December 2014

Q. What industries commonly use Detojet and what residues does Detojet remove? A. Detojet, Low-Foaming Liquid Detergent is used in a variety of industries such as Healthcare, Laboratory, Precision Manufacturing and Metalworking and Food & Dairy. Detojet is an alkaline non-ionic cleaner that would remove soil, tares, resins, grease, blood, tissue, oils, particulates, chemicals, and solvents. For more information on Detojet, please see the technical bulletin or the Detojet msds.

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Aqueous Detergent Selection

15 December 2014

Q. What are the key considerations when selecting an aqueous cleaning detergent? A. Critical cleaning requires careful selection of cleaning chemistry and methods to ensure adequate performance without sacrificing either work safety or benign environmental impact. Key considerations include: Type of substrate, Type of soil, part complexity, level of cleanliness required, manufacturing process, cleaning efficiency, environmental consideration. Learn more by downloading The Alconox Product Catalog and Detergent Selection Guide.

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Differences between Alconox and Liquinox

12 December 2014

Q. Currently using Alconox, but are considering a switch to liquinox. We have seen less residuals with Liquinox, which is desireable. What are the recommendations and concerns with switching from Alconox to Liquinox? What are the difference in ingredients between the two? A. Alconox and Liquinox are functionally equivalent cleaners, but are not chemically identical. Click to learn more and access the Liquinox and Alconox msds.

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Food Contact Surface Cleaners

10 December 2014

Q. What are two Alconox brand cleaners are low foaming and USDA approved for cleaning food contact surfaces? A. Alconox, Inc. manufactures cleaners for food contact surfaces with no interfering residues.

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Disposing of Ledizolv

09 December 2014

Q. How do you dispose of Ledizolv and used ledizolv solutions. A. This depend on if you are a homeowner or a contractor. Click for more details.

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Lab/glassware-washer Connectors

08 December 2014

Q. It is not unusual for lab/glassware-washer manufacturers to make custom connectors specific to their brand of detergent (with unique bottle dimensions) to the machine. Does Alconox provide these connectors? A. Unfortunately we are usually unable to supply a bottle that fits the connections because they bottles are made from custom molds that are not commercially available. The way some customers use our cleaners in these washers . . . Read More.

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Ideal Temperature for Cleaning

05 December 2014

Q. What is the ideal temperature for cleaning ultrasonically and spray washing? The Aqueous Cleaning Handbook, written by the technical support team at Alconox, discusses heat and cleaning applications.

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