Using Tergazyme to Reduce Allergen Cross Contamination

20 October 2014

Q. Are there any benefits in using Tergazyme to reduce the risk of allergen cross contamination? As you know, allergens are proteins, so under what conditions might the protease in Tergazyme denature allergen proteins to reduce the risk of an allergic reaction. A. Yes. Tergazyme contains a serine endopeptidase protease that will lyse proteins and change their tertiary structure in a way that can reduce their allergenic nature.

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Triclosan and Triclocarban contamination

17 October 2014

Q. We are experiencing contamination issues with both triclosan and triclocarban with our LC/MS/MS instrument. We need to determine if either of these compounds are a component of Liquinox or Detojet

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Washing Temperature for Alcojet

16 October 2014

Q. What is the lowest recommended washing temperature for Alcojet to guarantee full dissolving? A. Alcojet can dissolve at ambient temperatures, but Alcojet dissolves faster in hot water. The recommended concentration of 1% Alcojet (10 g/L or 1.25 oz/gal) will dissolve within 10 minutes at 20 deg C when dosed in a dispersing manner that does not allow the Alcojet to clump together when dosed in water to form hydrated cements that are very slow dissolving.

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Alconox Detergents

Sporicidal Properties in Alconox Cleaners

16 October 2014

Q. Do you have a product/detergent that has a sporicidal properties? A. Alconox detergents remove pathogens, they do not kill them. None of the detergents from Alconox, Inc. have sporicidal properties.

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Aqueous Cleaning Handbook

Forward to the Aqueous Cleaning Handbook

15 October 2014

Q. Who wrote the forward of The Aqueous Cleaning Handbook? A. The forward of The Aqueous Cleaning Handbook was written by Dr. Carole LeBlanc of the Toxics Use Reduction Institute at the University of Massachusetts . . .

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Cleaners for Nuclear Decontamination

14 October 2014

Q. The use of strippable coatings to decontaminate reactor cavities is expensive and requires valuable time on the lift during outage. Do you have other options? A. Use Alconox or Detergent 8 to clean with spray and rinse techniques at 1% Alconox or 5% Detergent 8 ambient temperature solutions followed by rinsing to successfully decontaminate radioactive reactor cavities.

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Cleaning Electronic Parts Prior to Soldering

14 October 2014

Q. We need to clean parts to be soldered prior to applying solder. Do you have recommendations? A. To clean parts prior to soldering you need to consider what residues you are trying to remove from the parts and how you want to clean. For general purpose oils and residue cleaning by manual, soak or ultrasonic cleaning methods, we recommend using a warm or hot 1% Liquinox solution . . .

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Citrajet, acid rinse aid

Cleaning Stainless Steel Weldments

11 October 2014

Q. We need recommendations for cleaning stainless steel weldments. A Walter weld cleaning machine is being used. Currently we have tried using Luminox but sometimes it does not produce satisfactory results. A. Luminox is a very light duty cleaner used to remove light oils and tiny particulates from delicate substrates. Generally, stainless steel is not considered a delicate substrate. In this case the recommendation would be 2% Citrajet ...

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white scale inside stainless steel dishwasher

Cleaning Stainless Steel Dishwashers

10 October 2014

Q. What kind of cleaner options can be safely used in stainless steel dishwashers. A. All of our low foaming cleaners are safe for use on stainless steel dishwashers. In general for small under counter washers . . .

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Cleaning Mild Tool Steel

09 October 2014

Q. How to clean mild tool steel tablet press punches and dies? A. Mild tool steel, sometimes called S7, will flash rush during rinsing, particularly if you rinse with hot water. All the cleaners that have good chelating agents (all but Luminox and Detergent 8) can safely clean tool steel because the chelating agents tie up the iron oxide and do not let it auto-catalytically expand and form rust.

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