Cleaning Aluminum with Alconox

18 September 2014

Q. Which Alconox cleaners can be used on Aluminum? A. The Alconox brand cleaners recommended for cleaning aluminum are Alconox, Liquinox, Tergazyme, Alcojet, Alcotabs, Detojet, Citranox, Luminox, Citrajet, Solujet and Tergajet. Detergent 8 is not recommended for cleaning aluminum. Aluminum forms a natural passive layer in air that allows it to be successfully cleaned without adverse reactions with cleaner. A passive layer forms in under an hour, provided there is no oily film present. Once the passive layer is formed, the recommended Alconox brand cleaners can be used to clean the aluminum at concentrations of less than 5% at 90 deg C or less for up to one hour.

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Meeting 21 CFR-Part 211.67 Standards

17 September 2014

Q. What is 21 CFR- Part 211.67? How can Alconox, Inc help pharmaceutical manufacturers meet these requirements? A. The Code of Federal Regulations (CFR) is a codification of the general and permanent rules published by the Government Printing Office (GPO) in the Federal Register (FR) by the Executive departments and agencies of the Federal Government. The FDA regulatory guidelines specifically for Title 21 CFR-Part 211.67 details the FDA clean standards on Equipment Cleaning and Maintenance.

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Alconox Detergent Ingredients

16 September 2014

Q. How do I find out the ingredients of Alconox cleaners? A.

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Cleaners for Medical Device Classes

15 September 2014

Q. What classes of medical devices are Alconox brand cleaners formulated to clean? A. Alconox brand cleaners are formulated to clean Class I, II, and III medical devices. For further information please visit the Medical Device Cleaning section of the Alconox website. According to , the FDA classifies medical devices into three categories . . .

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Cleaning Brass with Citranox

12 September 2014

Q. What effect will Citranox have on brass? A. Citranox will brighten brass

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Cleaning Solar Panels with Minimal Water

12 September 2014

Q. How to clean installed solar panels using minimum amounts of water. A. For field cleaning of solar modules I recommend using Liquinox detergent. This is a concentrate that would be used at a 1% solution (1.25 oz/gal, or 10 mL/L). Liquinox is not harmful to discharge onto the ground in an agricultural setting.

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Meeting ICH Requirements

11 September 2014

The objective of ICH is to increase international harmonisation of technical requirements to ensure that safe, effective, and high quality medicines are developed and registered in the most efficient and cost-effective manner.

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Is Alconox detergent the same as Liquinox detergent?

10 September 2014

Q. Is the Alconox powder equivalent to the Liquinox liquid? If these are the same could you please provide me with some sort of documentation saying that Alconox is the powdered form of Liquinox and that they are interchangeable?

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Millar Instruments Micro-tip

08 September 2014

Q. Millar Instruments observed customers having field performance problems that were traced to inadequate cleaning. A. Millar Instruments now recommends the use of a 1% Alconox solution for manual cleaning with a swab in their maintenance procedures.

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Inhibitory Residue Test (IRT) Data

08 September 2014

Q. Are lot traceable Inhibitory Residue Test data available via the internet? A. Yes. Have the COA for the specific lot on hand, and visit ...

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