Water Hardness and Alconox Texture

30 September 2014

Q. We have had a customer call and say the product is not “sudsy & slimy” like it usually is. A. Variations in normal water hardness will not impact the detergency of Alconox, but they can change the foam and feel of a solution. If the client has had any change in the hardness (amount of calcium and magnesium in the water) of their water used to make solutions, this can cause changes in the "slipperyness" and foaminess of the solution. Harder water will make less foam because the calcium and magnesium ions in the water form insoluble dodecylbenzene sulfonate soaps that must be dispersed and emulsified by the cleaner, thereby depleting available foam making ingredients.

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Clean in Place Instructions

29 September 2014

If it is too costly and time-consuming to dissasemble large manufacturing filtration systems or tanks, mixers and blenders for cleaning, consider clean in place.

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Adding Bleach to Alconox Detergents

26 September 2014

Q. What is the effect of adding bleach to Alconox products? A. Many of the Alconox critical cleaners, including Alconox, Liquinox, Alcojet, Detojet, Detergent 8, Luminox, Solujet and Tergajet can be mixed with bleach hypochlorite for enhanced disinfection, bleaching or oxidizing properties. Alcojet and Detojet already contain an active chlorine compound. Tergajet already contains an active oxygen compound that gives peroxide oxidation performance.

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Medical Device Cleaning – 303 SS Pins

25 September 2014

Q. The 303 staiinless steel pins we are attempting to clean appears clean but the silicone adhesive Dow Corning 3-8264 does not consistently adhere to the pins. Is the Alcojet cleaner the correct cleaner to remove the maching oils from the pins and leave the surface residue free for bonding. I am looking for the proper cleaner to use to prepare some small parts for bonding. We are attempting to use silicone to seal 303 stainless steel pins into a black polycarbonate housing. Click to read our answer.

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Cleaning Aluminum without Corrosion

24 September 2014

Q. How is galvanic corrosion prevented when cleaning aluminum? A. Aluminum is an active metal that is somewhat high on the "anodic index" of the galvanic series. If aluminum is cleaned with other metals present, you can create a battery and get galvanic corrosion. Aluminum should not be cleaned in the presence of metals that are significantly higher or lower on the anodic series; higher on the anodic scale such as zinc, magnesium or beryllium metals and lower on the anodic scale such as tin, brass, bronze, copper, silver, nickel and rhodium.

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Air Shipping Citranox

23 September 2014

Q. I want to air ship a sample of Citranox to one of our vendors for evaluation. Are there any shipping limitations on Citranox? A. Citranox is a non-hazardous detergent that has no shipping restrictions or limitations.

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Medical Device Cleaning and Biocompatibility Data

22 September 2014

Q. What types of biocompatibility data does Alconox, Inc provide for detergents commonly used in medical device cleaning validation? A. Setting residue acceptance limits as part of your medical device cleaning validation is much easier when appropriate biocompatibility data is available about the critical cleaning detergent you are using. To help assess the biological effects of cleaner residues, Alconox, Inc. conducted extensive evaluations of biocompatibility of its Liquinox and Citranox detergents.

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Ask Alconox

19 September 2014

Q. How do I ask Alconox a question via the internet? A. Have questions for Alconox? We’ve got answers! Please ask our technical support team at Ask Alconox.

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Cleaning Aluminum with Alconox

18 September 2014

Q. Which Alconox cleaners can be used on Aluminum? A. The Alconox brand cleaners recommended for cleaning aluminum are Alconox, Liquinox, Tergazyme, Alcojet, Alcotabs, Detojet, Citranox, Luminox, Citrajet, Solujet and Tergajet. Detergent 8 is not recommended for cleaning aluminum. Aluminum forms a natural passive layer in air that allows it to be successfully cleaned without adverse reactions with cleaner. A passive layer forms in under an hour, provided there is no oily film present. Once the passive layer is formed, the recommended Alconox brand cleaners can be used to clean the aluminum at concentrations of less than 5% at 90 deg C or less for up to one hour.

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Meeting 21 CFR-Part 211.67 Standards

17 September 2014

Q. What is 21 CFR- Part 211.67? How can Alconox, Inc help pharmaceutical manufacturers meet these requirements? A. The Code of Federal Regulations (CFR) is a codification of the general and permanent rules published by the Government Printing Office (GPO) in the Federal Register (FR) by the Executive departments and agencies of the Federal Government. The FDA regulatory guidelines specifically for Title 21 CFR-Part 211.67 details the FDA clean standards on Equipment Cleaning and Maintenance.

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