Cleaning Maple Sap Lines

24 November 2015

Q: What do you recommend to pressure flush clean our maple sap lines? A: We would recommend using a 1% solution of Citranox® Liquid Acid Cleaner and Detergent (1.25 oz/gal or 10 mL/L) to pressure flush your maple sap lines.   Maple sap is traditionally a couple percent sugar with trace solids of amino and organic […]

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Alconox Inc. at BIOMEDevice 2015 San Jose

24 November 2015

Join us in San Jose, CA, on December 2-3, 2015, at the San Jose Convention Center for BIOMEDevice 2015. Alconox Inc. is at Booth #930. Come visit our booth to receive our fun, unique gifts, expert technical support for critical cleaning applications and detergent samples. See you online and at BIOMEDevice. More about Alconox Inc.: Our […]

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Replacing HCL to remove MnO2

18 November 2015

Q. Currently using Hydrochloric Acid (HCL) to remove residual Manganese Oxide (MnO2)from glassware. Following ASTM D1721 instructions. Do you offer a cleaner that could do the same job as the HCL and remove the MnO2? A. Yes. Use a 2% Citranox® (2.5 oz/gal or 20 mL/L) solution followed by a thorough rinse to remove Manganese Oxide from glassware. The mild organic acid chelating agents will remove MnO2 more safely than hydrochloric acid.

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Oxygenated products in Liquinox?

16 November 2015

Q. Are there other oxygenated products/compounds in the Liquinox detergent? A. Liquinox® does not contain any oxygen bleaches – peroxides. Liquinox® does contain ethoxylated alcohol nonionic surfactants which contain oxygen.

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Phosphate-free Detergent for Microplate Washer

13 November 2015

Q. We are looking for a product that is phosphate-free to use in our automatic microplate washer. Currently we use Tergazyme. Removal of salts and antibodies (proteins) needed. Liquid preferred. A. For automated cleaning of microplates use phosphate-free, low foaming liquid Solujet® for cleaning. Solujet® contains chelating agents that can remove salts and high alkalinity for alkaline hydrolysis and cleaning of proteins.

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Visual Inspection

Cleaning Visual Inspection

12 November 2015

Q: I work for a medical device company where we make machined parts. I’m interested in finding a supplemental visual inspection tool that will aid in inspecting the surface of a part after being cleaned. A: We would recommend getting.....

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Ultrasonic with Low-Foam Detergent

10 November 2015

Q. We are having a foaming issues in ultrasonic cleaner. Basically, we are looking for a non-foaming version of the Liquinox cleaner we are currently using. A. Depending on what the foaming issue is, you may be able to continue using Liquinox®. As a general statement, that which makes foam emulsifies well, and that which emulsifies well works well in ultrasonic cleaning. If the foam is coming from degassing the solution, you may...

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Soaking in Alcotabs solution

27 October 2015

Q: We understand from your literature, that pre-soaking in a solution prior to washing is a good idea.  We are washing pipettes in a syphon washer using your Alcotabs.  Can we create an Alcotabs solution for the pre-soak?  A 1%?  How many tablets? A: Thanks for the inquiry.  Often times, a minor re-purpose of an […]

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Manual Ice Cream Machine Cleaning

20 October 2015

Q. Our restaurants ice cream machine doesn’t have a washer cycle built in. Can I just run hot water through the machine until it runs clear? A. You’re only completing the first step in cleaning and this is not meeting local health department code. Your owner’s manual will specify which parts need removal when cleaning. Note that it’s important to take care not to damage scraper blades when cleaning and also replace blades, o rings and rear seals when necessary.

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Restaurant Drive Thru Cleaning

14 October 2015

Q. I don’t have a pressure washer on hand to give closing shift employees, but I want them to start cleaning the drive thru pavement. Do you have an effective product that will remove grease and grime with only a hose? A. Yes. If cleaned regularly, you can replace the use of high pressure cleaning with a small amount of scrubbing.

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