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Alconox Jars
Published: November 13, 2023

Introducing: The Jar.

Alconox Inc. is dedicated to advancing the efficiency and effectiveness of cleaning processes in critical environments. In line with this commitment, we are excited to announce an update to the packaging of our trusted cleaning agents:

The transition from the traditional 4-pound cartons to more robust and user-friendly jars is designed to enhance our customers’ experience and operational storage.

Upgraded Packaging Materials

Our new packaging initiative introduces durable, recyclable plastic jars, replacing the previous coated paperboard cartons. This change is not only a nod to environmental responsibility but also a strategic move to bolster the storage and handling of our products. The plastic jars are inherently water-resistant, offering superior protection against the inadvertent spills and moisture that are all too common in rigorous laboratory and industrial settings.

User-Centric Design

Ease of use is at the forefront of this packaging redesign. The newly introduced jars feature a pinch-grip design and flip-top lids, which facilitate effortless dosing and minimize the risk of product waste and contamination. This thoughtful design change underscores our commitment to providing solutions that are as practical as they are powerful.

Optimized Storage and Product Freshness

Efficient use of space is critical in any facility. The stackable nature of the new jars maximizes storage efficiency, while the pre-sealed, airtight closure ensures the long-lasting freshness of the detergents. This is a significant improvement over the previous carton packaging, which did not offer the same level of airtight security, potentially compromising the potency of the cleaning agents.

Enhanced Packaging Integrity

The integrity of our product packaging is paramount, especially when it involves materials that are essential to critical cleaning processes. The transition to plastic jars introduces a spill-resistant feature with a secure snap closure lid, greatly reducing the risk of accidental spills or exposure once the seal is broken.

In summary, the shift from carton to jar packaging for our Alconox, Alcojet, Tergazyme, and Tergajet 4-pound products reflects Alconox Inc.’s dedication to continuous improvement. This packaging update is more than a material change—it’s a strategic enhancement to ensure that our high-quality cleaning solutions are delivered in a manner that is secure, sustainable, and conducive to the high standards of our clients’ critical cleaning operations.

Alconox Powder 4lb Package Transition

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