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Alconox for Floor Cleaning

Q. Need to know if Alconox is OK to use to clean floors. If not, why not?

A. Alconox can be used to clean floors.  Typically you would use a mop and bucket with Alconox to clean floors.  Make up a warm 1% solution of Alconox (10 g/L or 1.25 oz/gal) and use a mop dipped in the Alconox solution to clean the floor.  Rinse using rinse water and a mop after cleaning with Alconox.  For extremely critical floor cleaning where trace residues must be removed, rinse using a separate mop and separate bucket.

For information on Alconox Cleaner, see this Alconox Technical Bulletin.  Or click here to access each of our detergent’s Material Data Safety Sheets. You can also request a free sample by completing the questionnaire at Get Sample.