Alconox Powder Vs. Alcotabs Detergent

Q: What are the differences chemically in Alcotabs vs Alconox powdered precision cleaner?

A: Alcotabs® Tablet Pipet Detergent is a tablet that is designed to effervesce and give time release flotation and detergent cleaning in a siphon pipet washer.  Alcotabs detergent dissolve to a pH near 7, starting out acidic and the pH rises as the effervescence slows down and eventually stops.  The tablets contain anionic surfactants, phosphates, carbonates and organic acids.

Alconox® Powdered Precision Cleaner is a manual and immersion cleaning detergent concentrate.  Alconox powder dissolves at a 1% use concentration to a pH near 9.5.  Alconox detergent contains anionic surfactants, phosphates and carbonates.

In some ways, Alcotabs are a tablet form of Alconox plus excipients and organic acids that make the Alcotabs effervesce while dissolving.  Those residues cleaned by emulsifying and dispersing done by the anionic surfactant and phosphates will be cleaned similarly by either product.  Those residues best cleaned by effervescent flotation mechanisms will be best cleaned by Alcotabs tablets.  Those residues that are best cleaned by higher pH will be best cleaned by Alconox powder.

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