Cleaning Laboratory Glassware by Soaking

Q. Some of our glassware was left soaking in Alconox or Alconox and then bleach for a long period of time. Is this okay?

A. Laboratory glassware that is completely submerged in an Alconox® Powdered Precision Cleaner solution is generally ok even with extended soaking.

While bleach can increase the risk, if you leave the laboratory glassware partially submerged, even with just Alconox solution there is a risk of forming an etch line.  This etch line is susceptible at the meniscus where the solution and air meet the glass. Again, adding bleach does increase the risk of etching the glassware.

With usual borosilicate laboratory glassware and complete submersion, whether in Alconox solution or Alconox solution with bleach, extended soak times are typically fine.

With simple soda lime glass (window glass or typical drinking  glass) even when completely submerged, there is a risk of some etching with Alconox solution over extended periods.  Note that for such visible etching it would take many days or weeks at ambient temperatures.

For more information on cleaning labware, Click to here to download the Alconox Guide to Labware Washer Cleaning.