Cleaning Lab Pipettes

Cleaning Lab Pipettes

Q. Is there a CAP approved procedure for washing pipettes?

A. There is no CAP approved procedure for washing pipettes. Alconox, Inc. recommends using Alcotabs in combination with a pipette siphon washer after a pre-soak with Alconox or Liquinox for effective batch pipette cleaning for laboratory use.

Our suggested directions are:

  1. Completely immerse pipettes immediately after use in a pre-soak solution of 1% Alconox or 1% Liquinox.
  2. When ready to clean, drop an Alcotab into bottom of siphon pipette washer.
  3. Place pipettes in holder into the washer.
  4. Turn on cold or warm water at a rate that will fill the washer and completely cover all pipettes.
  5. Drain water to the bottom during each cycle.
  6. Run water until the Alcotab has completely dissolved, continue running water to rinse thoroughly (may take an hour to complete washing and rinsing). For analytical or tissue culture work use distilled or deionized water for final rinse.

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