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Stripping NiCr-AG-NiCr Coating

Q. To strip NiCr-Ag-NiCr coating, I was preparing a solution @4% of Cerium Ammonium Nitrate (C.A.N.)and I added Citrajet @1% to be used as a wetting agent (surface inclined). The addition of Citrajet neutralized completely the effect of the C.A.N; which did not attack the NiCr layers. Can you give me some explanation and which Alconox product I have to use as wetting agent.

A. CAN is a very strong oxidizing agent.  Organic functional groups with double bonds, alcohols, benzene rings and ethers are likely to be oxidized by CAN, thereby “neutralizing,” or depleting it, thereby rendering it less  effective for stripping coatings.  Most wetting agents have organic functional groups that will be oxidized by CAN, including Citrajet.  I suggest you try a sample of Alcojet detergent at a 0.5% concentration to see if that works.  Alcojet does contain some small amount of ether functionality in the wetting agents, but possibly not enough that it will not still work.  Alcojet is the only wetting agent and detergent that we have that is worth trying.

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