What is the difference between Citranox and Citrajet?

What is the difference between Citranox and Citrajet?

Q.  What is the difference between Citranox and Citrajet?


A. Both Citranox and Citrajet are acid cleaners excellent at removing inorganics, metallic complexes, trace metals and oxides, scale, salts, soil, grit and oils off glass, metal, stainless steel, porcelain, ceramic, plastic rubber and fiberglass. Both Citranox and Citrajet can be used on soft metals such as copper bronze aluminum zinc magnesium if rinsed promptly.


The acid cleaning part of both formulations is the same but the major differences are the types of surfactants used. Citranox contains two high foaming, high emulsifying surfactants that work best in the environments of immersion and manual cleaning where more time is available to form micelles.


Whereas, there are three surfactants in Citrajet that are considered “low” foaming with wetting and dispersing properties that work better in the dynamic cleaning environment of high-agitation spray cleaning, where emulsifying is a less dominant cleaning mechanism. Also, Citrajet contains an anti-foam agent.

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