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Cleaning Bronze Anodized Metal

Q. We have bronze anodized metal that has water spots/stains on it. So far we’ve only tried denatured alcohol, but we’re looking for a new cleaner. We install store front metals and doors and often we receive our metal extrusions with these spots. We currently have a very large order that has to be installed quickly and need a quick cleanup that we can use on the job site.

A. To remove water spots and stains on anodized metal surfaces, clean with a 2% Citranox solution (20 mL/L or 2.5 oz/gal) by wiping down the surface.  Rinse with a separate sponge, cloth or wipe using plain water if analytically clean surfaces are required.  For cosmetic cleaning, simple cleaning with Citranox alone may be sufficient as long as you do not leave too much Citranox solution on the surface or if you wipe it off with a dry sponge, cloth or wipe.  Significant droplets of Citranox left behind will evaporate and redeposit the water spots if they are not removed by wiping or rinsing.

To learn more about Citranox, consult the SDS and technical bulletin. If you have a technical question — general or detailed, please Ask Alconox.