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Cleaning Maple Sap Lines

Q: What do you recommend to pressure flush clean our maple sap lines?

A: We would recommend using a 1% solution of Citranox® Liquid Acid Cleaner and Detergent (1.25 oz/gal or 10 mL/L) to pressure flush your maple sap lines.   Maple sap is traditionally a couple percent sugar with trace solids of amino and organic acids, nitrogen compounds and other substances.

The mild acid Citranox detergent should break down disaccharide sugars in to more soluble monosaccharide sugars and make them easier to rinse away.   The sugars are typically what is going to be the difficult-to-clean compound.

Start by flushing with a 1% Citranox solution followed by a potable water rinse.  Elevation in the temperature should expedite the cleaning process.

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