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How to: Clean Circuit Boards & Electronic Components

How to: Clean Circuit Boards & Electronic Components

Q. Why is it beneficial to use Detergent 8 when cleaning circuit boards and electronic components?

A. Detergent 8 contains no conductive metal cations, therefore it cannot leave conductive residues which is essential when you want to clean circuit boards and electronic components. Its coupling ability keeps soils suspended in the cleaning solution, not on the circuit boards.


If the solution is promptly washed away with deionized water, boards will meet the omega-meter or ionograph standards of cleanliness. Detergent 8 can be used manually, soak or spray.


Detergent 8 can be used in a variety of electronic applications, such as:

  • cleaning glass substrate before dichloric coating of electronic parts,
  • cleaning during manufacturing and assembly,
  • cleaning electronic contacts and leads as well as ceramic insulators and components.


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