Cleaning with Minimal Insect Toxicity

Q. We are looking for cleaners that are minimally toxic or non-toxic to insects while effectively cleaning and removing biological debris, sugar, and pathogens.

A. Thank you for your request for a detergent that is minimally or non-toxic to insects.  We do not have insect toxicity studies for our detergents. The mammalian and systemic toxicity information that we do have, however, shows that, for example, Liquinox® Critical Cleaning Liquid Detergent is very low in toxicity.  The proper detergent will depend of course on the cleaning mechanism (manual vs. automated), a preference for liquid concentrate vs. powder, and if there maybe a sensitivity to phosphates.

We gain this knowledge, in part, due to our experience with various sensitive zoological containment cleaning applications where Liquinox detergent has been successfully used. Likely some of the success comes from the extremely free rinsing nature of Liquinox detergent.  Free rinsing detergents, as is the entire Alconox Inc. product line, assures that after cleaning there is negligible detergent remaining for may forms of residue detection.  Typically this is in the ppm or ppb range.   Consequently, posing a toxicity risk to the species in question would be highly unlikely.

We offer Technical Information & Certificates to help customers fully understand the construct and capabilities of our detergents. Click for our Liquinox detergent Technical Bulletin, Safety Data Sheet, Trace Analysis Certificate or Inhibitory Residue Test Results.

We also offer free samples for those who qualify.



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