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Lens Cleaning During Manufacturing

Q. How do you clean optical lenses during manufacturing?

A. To clean optical lenses, typically you use warm (120 deg F or 50 deg C) solutions of 1% Liquinox in an ultrasonic bath followed by a thorough rinse. The lenses would typically be mounted in racks to keep them from touching each other druing cleaning and rinsing. This avoids trapping “dirty” cleaning solution between the lenses where they are touching. Rinsing is typically done under running deionized water. The use of deionized water stops rinse water deposits or water spots from forming. For more information on Liquinox see the technical bulletin. Samples of Liquinox are available by clicking the “get sample” button at the top of the page – be sure to fill out a comment stating that you are interested in Liquinox.

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