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Is Liquinox filtered?

Is Liquinox filtered?

Q: When bottling is Liquinox filtered?


A: Liquinox, as sold in the standard package, is filtered to 25 microns, but packaged in new but unwashed containers in an open air reasonably clean liquid detergent factory that is certainly not a clean room. We do not certify or test for particle content. You can reasonably expect fewer larger than 25 micron particles than an unfiltered liquid detergent. We know that the occasional bottle (anecdotally about 1 in 1,000 to 1 in 10,000) has visible particles in it which typically either trace to the bottle manufacturer or our manufacturing environment.

We do not offer a further filtered or controlled version of Liquinox. If something more filtered were required, on various occasions we have evaluated doing this. Relatively smaller quantities would best be packaged by an outside contract packager with clean room filtering and packing experience and capability. For high volume use, we could consider doing this, although the volume and price would have to be sufficient to support investments of many hundreds of thousands of dollars. In the past when we have evaluated this, the final price for the filtered Liquinox was extremely high.

Most people today who require filtered Liquinox, filter it at the point of use rather than buying or manufacturing a filtered package.

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