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Q: We are having a difficult time cleaning our parts in an ultrasonic tank.  What is the maximum percentage that you can have of Liquinox detergent?  What hazards are there?

A: The concentration percentage of Liquinox® Critical Cleaning Liquid Detergent can go up to a 100% in theory.  There is no hazard, per say, however, the rinsing can become more difficult as you increase the concentration.  It is also important to note that increasing the percentage of detergent/concentration increases the capacity, or amount of residue that can be cleaned away.  It will not assist much in the detergency or the ability to remove unwanted residue.  In contrast, heat will expedite the time in which the cleaning takes place.  Our rule of thumb is that cleaning time is cut in half for every 10°C you raise the washing temperature.

If you have a tough residue that raising the temperature and/or detergent concentration does not result in improvement, a different detergent may be warranted.  This could be the case in your current application.

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