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Ultrasonic Cleaning of Optical Devices

Q. Ultrasonic and forced DI water are not removing particles from the optical devices. We suspect that the particles are charged and that is playing a role in the difficulty of removing them. Rusting isn’t a problem but oxidation might be. Al, Ti are metals in the devices we use. The cleaning is followed by chemical etching so this can be an issue.

A. We recommend a warm 1-2% Liquinox® Critical Cleaning Liquid Detergent solution clean (circa 120°F/50°C, 1.25- 2.5 oz/gal or 10-20 mL/L) in ultrasonics followed by a thorough rinse for removing particulates from optical substrates. Liquinox detergent is an excellent wetting agent and dispersant that will enhance the ability to remove particulates over water and ultrasonic energy alone.

Using gentle cleaning methods like sonication with a powerfully emulsive, yet very mild cleaner like Liquinox detergent, can be more effective and safer on optical devices than forced DI water impingement.

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