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Detergent for Cleaning Serofuges

Q. We would like a list of mild detergents that could be used for cleaning serofuges and the tubes.

A. The serological tubes used in serofuges can have difficult to clean protein residues.  These residues are best cleaned by a proteolytic enzymatic cleaner such as Tergazyme™ Enzyme-Active Powdered Detergent. Use a warm, but not hot, freshly made 1% (10 g/L) Tergazyme solution.  The temperature is required to be below 130F (55C) to avoid enzyme degradation.   Use the made solution within 8 hours to ensure maximal enzymatic activity.  The Tergazyme detergent solution can be used to soak and scrub the serological tubes and serofuge.  Rinse thoroughly, and the free-rinsing detergent (no fragrance, dye, softeners, brighteners or any other non-cleaning additives) will leave a residue-free surface.

Downloadable certificates of analysis, technical bulletins, SDS, trace analysis, and inhibitory residue testing are available from the Alconox website.

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