Cosmetic Cleaning – Toothpaste from Mixing Tank

Q. For cosmetic cleaning, how do we get toothpaste from mixing tank?

A. Removing toothpaste from a mixing tank, assuming stainless steel, requires heat.  Use hot water, ~140 F (~60 C), with Solujet® Low-Foaming Phosphate-Free Liquid if a Clean-In-Place (CIP) cycle is intended, or Detonox® Ultimate Precision Cleaner, a potent emulsifier, if immersion (soak) cleaning is used. If latter is used, we recommend moderate agitation be applied by turning on mixing blades.

Generally speaking, manually cleaning techniques, especially those involving the addition of mechanical force, are more effective than sprayer/CIP techniques.  Note that while heat typically expedites and improves cleaning, there are noted exceptions.  This is especially true in the cosmetic and cosmeceuticals industires.  Compunds such as zinc and titanium oxide require ambient temperatures to clean.  We are happy to discuss in more detail.

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