Optimum Percent Liquinox

Q. What is the optimum percent liquinox to use?

A. As a general statement, optimum detergency is reached at a 1% concentration (optimum defined as amount of soil removed per unit of detergent used).

  • Maximum detergency is typically reached at a 2% concentration (maximum defined as the total amount of soil removed per area of substrate without regard to amount of detergent used).
  • Maximum cleaning capacity is often achieved at 4 or even 6% (cleaning capacity is defined as the amount of total parts cleaned or combined amount of residue removed before you have to change out baths).

If you are trying to clean lots of parts before you have to dump your bath, then using 2-3% may make some sense. Typically you have to do extra rinsing to get the highest levels of cleaning when you use more than 2% concentrations of Liquinox.

What are you trying to optimize for: detergency cleaning capacity detergent cost, or waste minimization? If the answer is “all of these,” then probably 2% is a reasonable compromise. Most Alconox customers are doing very sensitive critical cleaning, so they rarely operate their baths at anywhere near full cleaning capacity – they use 1% solutions and dump the bath long before full use of cleaning capacity has been achieved because they are more worried about cross contamination from parts than they are worried about optimizing cleaning capacity.

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