Glassware and Utensils Came Out Coated In A Dry White Residue

Q: We are working with a lab washer in a compounding pharmacy application. We are using Detergent 8 to clean glassware and utensils. The glassware and utensils came out coated in a dry white residue. Can you please advise why this is happening with this detergent?

A: Thank you for contacting Alconox Inc. regarding the concerns you have using Detergent 8® Low Foaming, Ion-Free Detergent in a dishwasher to clean compounding pharmacy glassware and utensils.

Short answer yes, there is a better product you should be using. We recommend you use Solujet Low Foaming Phosphate Free Liquid Detergent® detergent at a 0.5-1% dilution in your washer, assuming your washer has a liquid dosing system that meters in the correct amount of liquid at the correct time in the wash cycle. If you do not have a liquid dosing system but rather has a  cup-in-door style dispenser, then we recommend you use Alcojet® Low Foaming Powdered Detergent.

Regarding what is happening: Detergent 8 is intended to be used in deionized water. If you are using tap water that will have calcium, magnesium and iron salts, then the alkalinity of Detergent 8 will cause precipitates of calcium, magnesium and iron oxides/hydroxides; which you observe as a dry white residue. This residue can be removed by using a 1% Citrajet® Low-Foam Liquid Acid Cleaner/Rinse acid wash/rinse (there is very often a rinse aid or cycle in these types of washers).

Solujet detergent contains chelating agents that will tie up and calcium, magnesium or iron and stop them from precipitating as oxide/hydroxides.  You can certainly follow with a Citrajet detergent base rinse cycle after as well depending on needs.

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