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Ultrasonic Cleaning of Optical Devices

Q. Ultrasonic and forced DI water are not removing particles from the optical devices. I suspect that the particles are charged and that is playing a role in the difficulty of removing them. Rusting isn’t a problem but oxidation might be. Al, Ti are metals in the devices we use. The cleaning is followed by chemical etching so this can be an issue.

A. We recommend a warm 1% Liquinox® clean (circa 120 deg F, 1.25 oz/gal or 10 mL/L) in ultrasonics followed by a thorough rinse for removing particulates from optical substrates. Liquinox® is an excellent wetting agent and dispersant that will enhance the ability to remove particulates over water and ultrasonic energy alone.

For more information about Liquinox®, click here for the Technical Bulletin or here for the Safety Data Sheet. We also offer free samples to qualified applicants here at Get Sample.