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Active Ingredients in Alconox Inc. Detergents

Q. Are there active ingredients in detergents made by Alconox, Inc. that may cause health concerns?

A. From a pharmaceutical standpoint, there are no active ingredients in detergents made by Alconox, Inc.

Alconox, Inc. makes no health claims about our cleaners and so there are no active ingredients that have to be disclosed that are responsible for our health claims.

Certainly these are detergents, and all the ingredients used contribute to detergency are contained within, and so the detergents have 100% active ingredients. This basically means there are no fillers, fragrances, or dyes that do not have detergent functionality. The usage of the word “active ingredient,” here is not the same as a pharmaceutical health claim usage.

It’s also important to note that Alconox Inc. detergents are free rinsing and do not leave deposits on substrates after rinsing.  We offer whitepapers on cleaning validation and residue testing for our detergents, specifically for the pharmaceutical industry. To ask our experts an industry or application-specific cleaning question please visit Ask Alconox.