Pharmaceutical Cleaning: Solujet for CIP Detergent

Solujet® Low-Foaming Phosphate-Free Liquid Detergent for CIP

Solujet cleaner is the detergent to consider for your next new pharmaceutical cleaning project or when you want to take the opportunity to improve when you are revalidating your existing cleaning system.

How does Solujet stack up to A LEADING CIP CLEANER?

  • Unlike A LEADING CIP CLEANER, Solujet has high wetting surfactants that enhance emulsifying, wetting, dispersing and rinsing.  The surfactants allow faster, more efficient cleaning and easier rinsing.
  • Solujet is recommended for use at lower concentrations.  It contains a more synergistic surfactant containing formulation which does not rely as much on heavy alkalinity.
  • A LEADING CIP CLEANER does not contain an effective wetting agent as seen by the high surface tension.
  • Both Solujet and A LEADING CIP CLEANER are potassium hydroxide based cleaners with chelating agents.
  • Both Solujet and A LEADING CIP CLEANER are phosphate free and both cleaners are DOT regulated corrosive liquids.
  • The pH of 1% Solujet never exceeds 12.5.  The pH of 1% A LEADING CIP CLEANER can go as high as 12.8 according to literature.
  • Although the potassium hydroxide content of the two cleaners is quite similar, by careful raw material and manufacturing quality control, the Solujet formulation is maintained such that a 1% solution will always be below pH 12.5.
  • By US federal standards – pH 12.5 or greater is considered hazardous.

Comparison between Solujet and a Leading CIP Cleaner:

Product Comparison  (1% Solution) Solujet A Leading CIP Cleaner
Contains high wetting surfactant Yes No
Based on potassium hydroxide and chelates Yes Yes
DOT regulated corrosive liquid Yes Yes
Phosphate Free Yes Yes
Recommended use Concentrations 1% – 6% 1% – 6%
Typical surface tension 33 dynes/cm 49 dynes/cm
Highest pH in a 1% solution < 12.5 12.8


Consider the use of safer, more effective Solujet detergent for cleaning pharmaceutical manufacturing equipment before the next validation, revalidation or new product launch. Contact Alconox, Inc. for validation support to simplify adopting Solujet detergent.

Click here to get a sample.     Click here for a Solujet technical bulletin.

Optimum Manual Cleaning Detergents in the Pharmaceutical Process Industry

The disassembled parts and tools used in the pharmaceutical industry are often cleaned manually in central cleaning rooms.   This manual cleaning is done with validated procedures using training and appropriate record keeping.  The cleaning mechanisms in manual and soak cleaning favor high emulsifying detergents because longer contact time allows for emulsions to form in ways that are less likely in high agitation spray clean-in-place cleaning.   Alkaline Liquinox detergent and acidic Citranox detergent are excellent, high emulsifying cleaners that are commonly used in manual cleaning of pharmaceutical process equipment, parts and tools.  Click here to see the technical data sheet and cleaning validation information.

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