What is Critical Cleaning?

Q: What precisely is critical cleaning?  How does it differ from “regular” cleaning?

A: Thanks for the question.  At Alconox, Inc. we are indeed the Critical Cleaning Experts.  And critical cleaning is more than just a marketing term.  It refers to a very specific type of cleaning. It is where the cleaning itself impacts the value of the finished output from whatever residue/contaminant is being cleaned.  Typically some observation, measurement or validation is done related to this.  Critical cleaning in FDA, EU, cGMP, etc. regulated industries of components or substrates is the complete removal of undesirable contaminants to a desired preset level.  This level will vary based on regulations and finished product requirements.  It is normally the minimum level at which no adverse effects take place in a subsequent operation.

An office carpet will get regularly cleaned.  However, within obvious reason, if it is dirtier one day than typical, the work being accomplished, and the employee in that office, is not going to have their value altered.  This cannot be said for medical devices implanted into humans, life saving drugs, fragrances, food, etc. where even slight contamination can have disastrous effects. Ensuring reliable, reproducible and consistent results, is the hallmark of a cleaning validation program for regulated industries.  And viewing this through the prism of a critical cleaning lens, with the detergents, procedures and support to get the job done is where Alconox, Inc. is at the ready.

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