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Water Spots on Stainless? Improve Blowing Process

Q. White spots appear on our stainless steel parts the day after cleaning with Alconox. Right after we clean them, they are dry and visually clean. So, is this next-day residue from the Alconox detergent? If not, can you tell us why this is happening? A. It is fairly unlikely that visually clean parts have Alconox residues suddenly appearing the next day.  In addition to Alconox being free rinsing, any residue that did not get rinsed for whatever reason, would be visible fairly immediately.

Most people in similar situations, even though the parts appear “dry and visually clean,” find that the spots are from water.

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Citranox for Removing Water Scale

Q. We are looking for a good citric acid cleaner that would work to remove hardness residue on colored pool surround. What do you recommend?

A. The best detergent for your application would be Citranox. It is excellent at removing metal oxides and water scale.

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