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Organic Base of Citranox

Q. I have a laboratory technologist that has severe allergies to corn and citrus and their derivatives upon inhalation. Can you tell me what is the organic base of the citric acid in Citranox? A. Citric Acid in Citranox® and Citrajet® is produced through a fermentation process. A carbohydrate source, either dextrose derived from corn or sucrose from beet sugar or cane sugar is fermented to Citric Acid using Aspergillus niger. The fermentation is conducted . . .

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Cleaning Space Environment Simulation Chambers

Q. We are currently using Alconox® for cleaning of space environment simulation chambers. What do you recommend for a process to clean steel piping contaminated with DC-704 and Fryquel 550 and turbomolecular vacuum pump backing piping at JSC/NAS?

A. Alconox® detergent is the right choice, but vacuum pump grease is a very heavy difficult to remove residue. We recommend using very hot (170 deg F if possible) 2% Alconox® (20 g/L) followed by a very hot first rinse…

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Alconox Detergents

Alconox Detergents are PDMS Free

Q. Do your products contain PDMS?
A. No detergents manufactured by Alconox, Inc. contain any PDMS: including Alconox, Liquinox, Tergazyme, Alcojet, Alcotabs, Detojet, Detergent 8, Citranox, Luminox, Citrajet, Solujet, Tergajet and Detonox.

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