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How to: Remove Residual Silicone Oils

Q. We are currently using a solvent and we want to switch to a safer product, such as a water-based cleaner.  Do you have a detergent that can assist in the removal of residual silicone oils that are left in medical device mold inserts manufactured using clear rubber material?   Will Alconox detergent work as your web page says without ultrasonic?

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latex tubing

Can Alconox be used to clean latex?

Can Alconox powder be used to clean latex material (tubing)? Latex is inherently a product that naturally degrades via mechanisms of hardening, embrittling and cracking. However…

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Cleaning Rubber Casting Molds

Read recommendations for cleaning rubber casting molds for optimal results. Applies when removing Nitrile rubber, EPDM and other kinds of rubbers.

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